The Resurrection Body

Why is it when things go well, we tend to be prideful, but when things are hard we tend to crumble? The promise of God, that one day his people will rise from the dead, means that this is only temporary. The current body is marked by weakness, dishonor, and decay. But one day, the resurrection body will be marked by power, glory, and immortality! Since our bodies (and our current age) is only temporary, our successes don’t have to lead to pride and our struggles don’t have to result in our crumbling. The promise of our resurrection is an anchor that can hold our lives, even in this current age.

Sorry, but the first few minutes of this message were not recorded. This sermon is part of the Resurrection seriesRecorded on Mar. 25, 2018, by Pastor David Parks, from 1 Corinthians 15:35-49. Listen/download here: