Why Should Christians Party?

This Sunday our church is throwing a big party. We sent out invitations. We booked a big venue and some big, bouncy inflatables. We’re going to serve a ton of food and do our darndest to make sure that the kids have a blast. Why? Why would we go through all the trouble? Why would we spend the money? Are Christians even supposed to party? Good questions.

The purpose of our church isn’t to entertain people or to offer fun programming to keep kids busy (and out of their parents’ hair). As a church, our mission is sharing good news. We help people find stability and hope in this crazy world by sharing good news every week.

Sharing Good News

What does this look like? Sharing good news primarily comes in the form of our worship on Sunday mornings, including our singing, preaching, praying, serving, and giving—all designed to share the good news of who God is and what he is doing in the world through his son, Jesus.

But we also need to show good news outside of Sunday mornings. One of the ways we do this is by serving those in need. This is why from the very beginning of our church we have partnered with the Fox Valley Warming Shelter to fight homelessness in our community. Another way we show good news is by throwing a big, fun, expensive party every once in a while. Why? Because we have so many reasons to celebrate!

  • Because of Jesus, I have believed a message of good news.
  • Because of Jesus, my whole life is transformed by good news.
  • Because of Jesus, sin is dead and death itself is overcome.
  • Because of Jesus, I will live forever in the family of God.
  • Because of Jesus, I get to share good news.
  • Because of Jesus, I get to see other people’s lives transformed by good news.

If you are a follower of Jesus, of course, you will have times when you don’t feel like celebrating. There will be serious times when you lament, or you mourn with those who mourn. This is normal in our screwed up world. But the Apostle Paul also said to rejoice with those who rejoice! (Ro 12:15) Jesus’ first miracle in John’s gospel (Jn 2) was to turn water into about 150 gallons of wine at a wedding celebration. Now, that’s a lot of wine (about 750 bottles). And it wasn’t a bunch of Bota Boxes; they said it was the best wine. John wrote that this miracle revealed Jesus’ character, what he was like; it revealed his glory.

To be clear, Jesus didn’t get drunk on all that wine. There are many ways to party that are completely out of line with the way of Jesus. But Jesus certainly wasn’t opposed to the celebration. And isn’t it interesting that Jesus was invited to parties at all? He must not have been a huge drag to be around. He was constantly being invited to dinner parties. So what about you? Are you a drag for people to be around? Apparently, that’s not very Christ-like.

Why should Christians party?

Let me ask you this: Has the reality of the gospel transformed your life? If so, then you’ve been shaped by good news. Does it reflect in your attitude? Your lifestyle? You have so many reasons to celebrate! Do you live with a sense of celebration?

I would love it if you joined us this Sunday. But even if you can’t, would you consider how you might be able to show good news by throwing a big, fun, expensive party? (At least every once in a while?)

What reasons do YOU have to celebrate?