Responding to a Crisis

Most of us, at some point in our lives, will face a moment of crisis. Whether in your family or in your work or somewhere along the journey of your life. What will you do? As followers of Jesus, how can we respond to a crisis? David faced a major crisis when his enemies stole his family and possessions and burned his city to the ground. What do we learn? Here are 4 points to help face a moment of crisis:

  1. Strength is not found in your circumstance but in the Lord your God.
  2. Gather information before rushing to action.
  3. No victory is won without hard work.
  4. Share the victory, not the blame.

This sermon is part of the Shepherd to King seriesRecorded on Aug 6, 2017, by Pastor David Parks, on 1 Samuel 30. Listen/download here: