7 Marks of Spiritual Revival

Jesus famously said, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mk 8:36) God absolutely cares about our bodies, hearts, minds, relationships, etc. It’s just that our spiritual needs (souls) are infinitely more important. After the wall project was done, Nehemiah and Ezra led the people in Jerusalem in a great time of spiritual revival and renewal. From this passage, here are 7 Marks of Spiritual Revival:

  1. Spiritual Hunger
  2. High View of Scripture
  3. Preaching is the Means
  4. Worship is the Response
  5. Conviction Runs to the Heart
  6. Joy Overflows
  7. New Way of Life

This sermon is part of the How Can I Help? sermon series, recorded on Jul 14, 2019, by Pastor David Parks on Nehemiah 8:1-12. Listen/download here: