Make A Plan

The first step when your heart is moved to help someone/something in need is to make a plan. Planning is godly. After all, God has a plan that spans all of history and culminates in the person and work of Jesus. If God has a plan to help us in our greatest need, then we need to make plans, too. Planning requires prayer and wise counsel, faith and action. But ultimately, planning is an opportunity to grow in your trust of God, the Source of all wisdom, and the One who establishes our plans and guides our steps. Here are some planning questions:

  • Vision
    • What is the goal? What needs to change?
    • Why does this need to happen?
    • Why does this need to happen now?
    • What if nothing changes?
  • Process
    • What steps need to be taken to get to the goal?
    • Who needs to be involved?
    • Where will the work take place?
    • What resources are needed?
    • When is the best time to start?
  • Communication
    • Who needs to know?
    • What/when do they need to know?

This sermon is part of the How Can I Help? sermon series, recorded on May 26, 2019, by Pastor David Parks on Nehemiah 2:1-10. Listen/download here: