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Joseph Sermon Series

Our world is chaotic. And our lives and relationships and careers rarely go according to our plans. But Joseph’s story is about finding redemption and grace and the good plan of God along the unexpected path. God was with Joseph. And God’s plan will not fail. The story that God was writing in Joseph’s life, and in your life today, is a story of redemption. Do you trust him? Click the links below to listen/download the messages:

How to Have a Dysfunctional Family (Apr 8)

From Injustice to Injustice (Apr 22)

Learning Patience in Suffering (Apr 29)

God’s Faithfulness in Suffering (May 6)

How to Love Someone Who Hurt You (May 13)

Seeing Your Story in God’s Story (May 20)

God’s Promise Will Not Fail (May 27)

A Story of Redemption (Jun 3)