The Good Life

The Good Life (Series)

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is unquestionably the most famous sermon in human history. Why? Because Jesus reveals the way to experience a life of blessing – The Good Life. However, when you dig beneath the surface of his teaching, you find that Jesus subverts the status quo for both religious and nonreligious people. Is it easy? Nope. But the way of Jesus is truly the best way to live. Series starts January 12, 2020.

Click the links below to listen/download the messages:

The Way To Be Happy (Jan 12)

The Way To Be Different (Jan 19)

The Way of Goodness (Jan 26)

The Way of Life (Feb 2)

The Way of Faithfulness (Feb 9)

The Way of Truth (Feb 16)

The Way of Openhandedness (Feb 23)

The Way of Costly Love (Mar 1)

The Way of Humble Generosity (Mar 8)

The Way of Prayer (Mar 15)

The Way of Dependence (Mar 22)

The Way of Freedom (Mar 29)

The Way of Peace (Apr 5)

The Way of Personal Growth (or How to Better Love Your Loved Ones During a Quarantine) (Apr 19)

How God Thinks About You (Apr 26)

The Way of Security (May 3)

The Way That is Unshakable (May 10)