False Worship

Who or what gives you your identity, purpose, and value? To whom or what do you run to when you’re stressed out or anxious? God is our creator and redeemer. We were made to live for the glory of God alone, but our hearts are so easily distracted and diverted away from him. The things or people we worship and serve in the place of God are called idols. And God will not yield his glory to another or his praise to idols in false worship. But the good news is that God has sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be a suffering servant, to bring justice and hope, to bring forgiveness for idolatry, and to help us recover our true worship.

This sermon is part of the Worship Life seriesRecorded on Dec. 3, 2017, by Pastor David Parks, from Isaiah 42:1-9. Unfortunately, the first few minutes of the introduction were not recorded. Listen/download here: