Jesus the Messiah

Jesus the Messiah:This sermon is part of The Gospel According to Mark series.AsJesus and his disciples travel to Caesarea Philippi, he asks them, “Who do you say I am?” Peter famously confesses, “You are the Messiah.” But unfortunately, when Jesus begins to teach them that the Messiah must suffer, die, and after three days rise again, Peter fails to accept this teaching. Peter’s view of Jesus is too small to understand the vocation of Jesus as the Messiah, the Anointed One. Jesus the Messiahwas to beour true and greater prophet, priest, and king. As our great prophet, Jesus reveals God to people. As our great priest, Jesus redeems people for God. And as our great king, Jesus rules all in all. Is our view of Jesus too small?

Recorded on Jul 19, 2015 by Pastor David Parks on Mark 8:27-33. Listen/download Here: