Redeeming Marriage

Redeeming Marriage:†This sermon is part of The Gospel According to Mark series.†When Jesus’†opponents attempt to trap him in a controversial question on marriage and divorce, Jesus responds with a teaching that has always been counter-cultural. Jesus teaches†that marriage is a gift from God where one man and woman are united as husband and wife for lifeó”no longer two, but one flesh.” This requires perfect faithfulness, love, and humility and brings perfect unity and intimacy. However, since the fall to sin, Jesus acknowledges that divorce is permitted (though not required) in certain circumstances. What are we to do when perfection is required and failure in marriage is so prevalent? The gospel is the dynamic power of God to bring forgiveness and reconciliation, to redeem even the most difficult of marriages. Is there hope for redemption in marriage? Look to Jesus.

Recorded on Aug 30, 2015 by Pastor David Parks on Mark 10:1-12. Listen/download Here: