Sharing Good News

We are a church that is all about good news. It’s in our name, our vision, and every single thing we do. Christians should be people who are known for good news and share good news as a joyful overflow of who we are. So why is sharing our faith so hard?

  1. We don’t see much of the goodness of the good news.
  2. We don’t see how the good news applies to everything.
  3. We don’t rely very much on the power of the Spirit.

If we—by the power of the Spirit—can connect the dots from the aspects of goodness in the gospel to the areas of life that need good news, we will unleash a power to change everything. How? Listen here…

This sermon is part of the “Something Greater” series. Recorded on Nov 27, 2016, by Pastor David Parks on Acts 8:26-40. Listen/download here: