REACH Campaign


The REACH Campaign is a capital campaign to fund the remodel of our new 8,200 SF church building facility located at 2900 N Mason St in Appleton. After the campaign, we’re hoping to start work immediately in order to move in this summer. You can read more about this process here and here.


For the past 8 years, Appleton Gospel Church has been a “mobile church” setting up and tearing down every week at the YMCA. The YMCA has been a wonderful partner of ours as we planted and grew. However, for the past few years, we certainly felt the need for a more purposeful space with more visibility in our community to allow for continued growth for years to come.

The REACH Campaign and new building will allow our congregation to both improve and expand our ministry. The building has a capacity of over 500 people (with multiple services) and, God willing, we’ll REACH hundreds of people in the coming years! This is what our mission and vision are all about—to share good news and help people grow in their faith so that the gospel of Jesus will transform the people of the city in every way.


In order to take the outdated office space that it currently is, and make it into a modern worship facility, our goal is: TO RAISE $175,000 IN ONE-TIME AND MONTHLY GIFTS.

This amount would cover building contractors and materials; audio, video, lighting, and IT; furniture and decor; and professional services (design, legal, city fees, etc.). A building fund has been created for all REACH Campaign gifts (below). The project amount is dependent upon the significant cost savings of doing as much as we can with volunteer labor. So get your tool belt ready!


We’re asking people to prayerfully consider committing:

  1. To pray for the project
  2. To help with the remodel
  3. To contribute one-time and monthly gifts

After deciding how you will partner with us in this project, please let us know! REACH Campaign Response Cards are due by May 12. Cards can be filled out at church or online (below). We will share the results of the campaign on May 19.

There is no way this would be possible without the gracious provision of God and the great generosity of many people in and outside of our church. I can’t wait to see what God will do in and through this season of stepping out in faith. If you’d like to meet with us to discuss this project in more detail, please let me know (below).

Thank you in advance for your faithful and generous gifts!

-Pastor David

Have Questions/Ideas? Let us know: