For Those Who Struggle With Fear

Almost 1 out of 5 American adults struggle with an anxiety disorder. But everyone, at some point in their lives, struggles with fear. Is there good news for those who struggle with fear? Absolutely, yes. In the famous story of Jesus walking on the water, we find 3 keys for overcoming fear and anxiety: 1) Proximity to Jesus doesn’t prevent struggle. Some people wrongly think that the better their relationship is with God, the easier their life will be. But everyone struggles. 2) Fear is an opportunity to grow in faith. God values your growth more than your comfort. 3) Jesus is over the waves. When you see Jesus with eyes of faith, you see him for who he truly is: Creator, Redeemer, Sovereign Lord. And when you see Jesus like that, you will have the courage of Christ.

This sermon is part of the Good News! (for those who struggle) seriesRecorded on Sept 17, 2017, by Pastor David Parks, from Matthew 14:22-33. Listen/download here: