For Those Who Struggle With Greed

Greed is the ugly voice that whispers, “more, more, more.” Greed is deceptive and destructive—it’s so hard to tell if your life is influenced by this voice and it only ever leads away from life and joy and peace. Is there any good news for those who struggle with greed? Absolutely, yes. In Luke 12, Jesus teaches a parable on greed that exposes the lie of “more, more, more” and points us to the true source of life and joy and peace.

  • Do I really trust God to provide for me?
  • Do I believe the lie that “more, more, more” is the path to life?
  • Do I see wealth as a tool to be used for good?
  • How do I use wealth to love God and love my neighbor?

This sermon is part of the Good News! (for those who struggle) seriesRecorded on Nov 5, 2017, by Pastor David Parks, from Luke 12:13-21. Listen/download here: