Alive in a Broken World

Alive in a Broken World: This sermon is part of The Gospel According to Mark series. John the Baptist’s beheading by Herod Antipas and his wife, Herodias, reveals the brokenness of the world. In the story, there is confusion about Christ, broken marriages and family relationships, injustice, oppression, evil, and death—all while celebrating a birthday party! This story—and many events in the world today—beg the question: How should Christians relate to a broken world? Some withdraw from the brokenness while others welcome the brokenness with open arms. Christians are neither to withdraw, nor welcome, but bear witness to the goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and work for the good of those in this broken world. Why? Because in his great love, this is exactly how God has treated us in Christ.

Recorded on May 31, 2015 by Pastor David Parks on Mark 6:14-29. Listen/download Here: