From Injustice To Injustice

Sometimes life’s not fair. After the injustice of being sold into slavery, Joseph tried to live a God-honoring life only to be falsely accused and then thrown in prison. When you go from injustice to injustice it can be hard to see the good plan of God and easy to feel abandoned. But through Joseph’s story, it was clear that God was with him. Even today, in the gospel we see that we are not alone. We are not forsaken. Even in the moments of the deepest pain, in the trials of greatest injustice, we are still found safely within the love and care of a God who does not abandon us, a God who in the end will right all wrongs and have the victory.

This sermon is part of the Joseph seriesRecorded on Apr. 22, 2018, by Ted Selker, from Genesis 39. Listen/download here: