The Goodness of the Justice of God

The Goodness of the Justice of God:†This sermon is part of The Gospel According to Mark series.†In the parable of the tenants, Jesus teaches about the justice of God. Doing justice means doing what you can to take what’s wrong and make it right. We long for justiceófor seeing the wrongs of this broken world set to right. And yet, at the same time, we fear judgement. How do we reconcile this? The good news of the gospel is that justice is satisfied and the fear of judgement is overcome in the shadow of the cross. God was willing to bear his own judgement through the person and work of Christ so that we might be forgiven and free. The goodness of the justice of God motivates us to be a people of justiceóto pray and work for justice until the return of the Lord who is both good and just.

Recorded on Nov 1, 2015, by Pastor David Parks on Mark 12:1-12. Listen/download Here: